Flooring, Lighting and Decoration

Community Canvas has a full range of marquee decorations and marquee furniture.

Typical uses for these marquees include anything from performance spaces with professional stage setup through to bar or café structures, or simply shelter for attendees whilst they watch larger stages if the weather might be unpredictable, as well as making great atmospheric venues for feasting, gathering and celebrating in.


All marquees can be supplied with fairy lights and festoon lighting to create a beautiful festive atmosphere inside the structure if used after dusk. We can also provide stage lighting, or other forms of atmospheric lighting on request.

Lighting for Marquees


Marquees can be supplied without flooring, with coconut matting or with wooden floor.

Flooring for Marquees


We can provide seating, tables, stages and more for all kinds of events – dinner parties, creative workshops, theatre performances, public meetings etc.

Furniture for Marquees


We can also provide the finishing touches to bring that extra something to your marquee.

Get in touch and talk us through your event, and we’ll talk through the options that will suit your event best.