Traditional Pole Marquees

Traditional pole marquees are made from beautiful waterproof cotton canvas with wooden poles and natural hemp ropes in a variety of colours and with gentle shapes which blend easily with the landscape and each other.

These marquees are a beautiful option for a wide variety of things if you’re looking for a tent solution which has a more natural look than white PVC canvas.

Sizing options are:

  • 8m by 5m
  • 9m by 11m
  • 15m by 18m
  • 28m diameter hexagonal (usable space 24m diameter)

These marquees can be situated independently or, when sited close together, can create beautiful enclaves with a festival atmosphere.

For many of us, the sight of the sweeping roofline of a traditional pole marquee will bring back fond memories of funfairs, weddings or country parties. These beautiful and affordable marquees combine elegant peaked canvas roofs with classic wooden poles and natural hemp guy ropes.

The waterproof cotton canvas comes in a variety of colours and the gentle slopes will blend beautifully against the landscape. They can be pitched individually or you can group several marquees together to create enclaves with a festival atmosphere.

Large panoramic windows will give your event gorgeous natural light while providing enough cover to keep you cosy in the evening and protected from the elements.

Although these marquees will need to be pitched on grass, we can provide coconut matting or wooden flooring inside if required, and a range of lighting options to fit your theme. Atmospheric mood lighting and fairy lights will really transform the space into an intimate and beautiful party setting once the sun sets, and we can decorate the space to match the theme of your event.

We can also provide a range of furniture, such as chairs and tables so you and your guests can feast, or set up a bar and dance floor so you can party the night away. Traditional pole marquees really do offer a versatile setting for any event and can be styled to be shabby chic, classy and elegant, or anything in between.

Whatever your needs, we can help you throw an amazing event your guests will be talking about for years. Just let us know how we can help you bring your vision to life.

If a traditional pole marquee isn’t for you, why not try our clear span frame marquees, smaller marquees or stretch marquees fabric structures.

Contact us to find out more, check availability and get a quote.